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Querétaro, México




About me

I studied Pharmacobiological Chemistry (Q.F.B) at the University of Guanajuato. In 2006, I started my doctoral work within the Ph.D program in Biomedical Sciences under the supervision of Dr. Carmen Clapp at the Institute of Neurobiology of the UNAM. During this time, I established experimental models that allowed her to demonstrate that the hormone prolactin and its metabolites, vasoinhibins, exert protective effects on the blood vessels and neurons of the retina, which are capable of influencing the progression of conditions such as diabetic retinopathy and retinal neurodegenerative disorders. In 2011, I finished my doctoral studies with Honorary Mention and received the Alfonso Caso Medal. Subsequently, I worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Michigan, USA, where I studied the regulation of retinal neuronal survival during diabetic retinopathy. Since 2011, I has been a member of the National System of Researchers Level 1 (SNI 1), and since 2014 I has been a Catedrática-CONACYT Researcher in the Molecular Endocrinology Laboratory of the Institute of Neurobiology, where she studies Hormonal Regulation of the Pathophysiology of Diabetes in the Brain. The hormone prolactin (PRL) acts on the CNS stimulating maternal behavior and reducing anxiety; inducing neurogenesis and glial cell proliferation; and mitigating deficiencies of retinal function associated with light-damage and aging. The aim of my research is to elucidate the participation of PRL and its metabolites vasoinhibin in the regulation of the neurovascular unit cells (neurons, endothelium and glial cells) under normal and diabetes-related conditions.


Hormonal regulation
Neurovascular unit
Diabetic brain

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