Guest Scientist/Lecturer

PD Dr.

Berlin, Germany

About me

My research centers on neural stem cell biology and behavior in particular niches, and reveals how various signaling factors (i.e. BDNF, Sox2, Pax6, Olig2), neurotransmitter pathways (i.e. serotonin) and peripheral stimuli (vasculature; exercise) contribute to lineage progression and neuroplasticity. In my approaches, I combine genetic tools/gene therapy with electrophysiology/optogenetics, behavior analysis, histology and imaging to identify the specific pathways and targets that regulate neuroplasticity in the adult brain-and how they might become uncoupled in disease. My discoveries point to a confluence of signals whereby physical activity co-regulates the vascular and neurogenic homeostasis of the brain. Newly identified circuits have potential as a target for modulation of neuroplasticity alone or to augment physical exercise in the treatment of mood disorders.


Neural Stem Cells
Neuropsychiatric Disorders
Signaling Pathways

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