Gerardo BernabéRamírez Rodríguez

Investigador en Ciencias Médicas “F” SNI, nivel II


Ciudad de México, mexico

About me

Neurogenesis is a complex process that involves stem cell proliferation, progenitor cell migration, cell differentiation, and survival of new neurons for eventual integration into existing neuronal circuitry. These events are modulated by hormones, growth factors, neurotrophins, neurotransmitters, physical activity, drugs, and learning. We are researching the modulation of the neurogenic process by paradigms that favor the formation of neurons or medications used in treating neuropsychiatric diseases to understand their mechanism of action. We combine the use of stem cells isolated from the hippocampus of adult rodents with animal models that allow us to know the relationship between neurogenesis and neuropsychiatric diseases from a cellular and molecular point of view. In addition, we are developing research with human-derived stem cells to establish biomarkers for some neuropsychiatric disorders. Together, these lines of research will allow the development of new alternatives for the treatment and diagnosis of these diseases that, according to studies by the World Health Organization (WHO), are one of the leading causes that originate a more significant number of years of lives lost due to disability and premature death in Mexico. Thus, the need for attention to the treatment and diagnosis of neuropsychiatric diseases is crucial due to the social and economic impact on the country.


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