Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions
The following terms and conditions are only valid to those registred for the 4th Symposium on Physiology & Pathology of Neuroglia, October 3-4,2022. Attendees are considered moderators, media representatives, speakers, poster presentors or any people registred for the conference. By registering for the symposium, the terms and conditions for the symposium are agreed. You can register to attend an event through our website. Registration confirmation will be done by e-mail.

Author Rights
All content shown in the symposium, including text, graphics, presentations, logos, icons, images, audio and vide clips, and digital downloads is intellectual property that belongs to the author of the material and/or the symposium management.
Registration to the symposium does not imply a transfer of author copyrights. Its sole pourpose is educational.
The material can not be copied, reproduced, translated, modified, uploaded to social networks or websites, nor distributed by any means without the author’s permission.

Seminars are organized by topic and detailed in the symposium’s program.

Online access to the symposium
The user can access the symposium by using a username and personal password or through a personalized link received via e-mail. The user must use their real name and e-mail of registration to use the online platform.

All attendees will receive a certificate of participation, which will contain their name and title. The certificate will be sent to all attendees via e-mail address in a PDF format for download and printing.
Personal data from the attendees
The attendeed has to provide personal infomation for registration such as name, surname and e-mail address. The attendee is responsible for the correct provision of these data. The attendee can receive important information regarding the symposium via e-mail (se require una cuenta de email con el dominio neuroglia mx, se solicita que sea: contact@neuroglia.mx). Personal data is treated with absolute confidentiality.

Modification of personal data
The attendee is responsible for updating their personal data. In case of change of e-mail address, forgotten password, the attendee should contact the symposium help center.

Event Changes
The symposium reserves the right to make changes to the program, date and/or location of the event at any time without prior notice.

Online events
The symposium reserves the right to change the event if the advice of the authorities suggests doing so (for example, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic). In case of such an event, all attendees will be notified immediatly via e-mail of the changes.
The Symposium uses third-party online platforms (eg zoom) to host our online events. We are not responsible for any problems that arise as a result of the use of such platforms. By registering for an online event, you agree to comply with the terms and conditions of the relvent online providers.
Prior to the online event, the Symposium will directly share a meeting URL (eg Zoom meeting) with you or send you the meeting invitation. At the end of the event, these platforms provide the orginizing committee with infomation on the participation and interaction of the attendees. These data will only be used for internal reports, as well as to grant attendance certificates.
Participation may be affected by local issues, such as internet acess. We are not responsible for fixing these issues. We do not provide technical support and each attendee is responsible for setting up their equipment.
Online events can be recorded. In this case, it will be annonced at the start of the online event.

The point of view of the speakers and poster presentors may not necessarily represent those of the symposium. However, all efforts will be made to ensure that all information provided is correct at the time of the event. The organizing commitee is not responsible for the consequences of such errors or omissions.
Attendees are required to comply with the rules and regulations governing the venue and/or accomodations.
Nothing in these terms is intended to limit or exclude any liability that the organizing committee representing the event cannot limit or exclude by law.

Non-discrimination policy
The organizing commitee of the symposium will make all reasonable efforts to comply with applicable laws regarding discrimination for any reason. In this way, the organizing commitee pledges to prove equal opportunities and fair treatment for all. In dealing with attendees it will not discriminate on the basis of gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, religion, culture or disability. Likewise, all attendees are expected to act in a manner that complies with our code of conduct.